My BBG Review – Why I DO NOT Recommend Kayla Itsines Guide!

Thinking of starting the BBG? Wait! Read my bbg review first. What I’ve researched about Kayla Itsines Guide might shock you!

Hello there! I’m Rebecca. Last year, I realized just how comfortable I had gotten in my relationship. You know how it goes.. one minute you’re stealing his fries and the next, you balloon +20 pounds! Even though he didn’t mind the weight gain – I did. I felt constantly drained and increasingly anxious about the smallest things.
bbg review
My Rating: ★★★★★

So what did I do about it? Being naive, I began trying every “skinny tea” and weight loss pill under the sun. Of course they were all scams though and just had me running for the toilet every 10 minutes.. eek!

After that experience, I decided that it was time to actually put in some work. So I set up a weight loss Instagram page and began to research!

Conveniently enough, girls all over my feed were raving about Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. Falling for the hype, I rushed to buy the guide and get my bikini body back. But boy that was a mistake! I was shocked to realize how expensive it all worked out to be after calculating it all up.

NOTE: To be clear, I’m not trying to write a scathing bbg review in order to bash Kayla. If you want a “quick” version of this review; her guide is alright, but it is super expensive for what you get. You shouldn’t be paying a premium just because she’s famous! I ended up finding success with Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Guide instead.

The Real Cost Of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide!

Want to know just how much her guide will set you back? These are the costs involved with Kayla’s Bikini Body Program:

kayla itsines bbg price review

  • BBG 1.0 (Weeks 1-12) = $69.97
  • BBG 2.0 (Weeks 13-34) = $69.97
  • H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide = $69.97
  • H.E.L.P Nutrition Recipes = $19.97
  • SWEAT App = $19.99/month
  • Additional gym equipment to do the workouts = At least $100

To put it in perspective that’s about $330 up front.

Now this is what I really don’t like….. Not long after purchasing all of this, Kayla released a mobile app and began charging $19.99 a MONTH to use it. That’s right, if you already had the bbg guides but wanted to follow along to videos of these exercises on your phone.. you had to pay again! That’s an extra $240 per YEAR!

Surely she would let existing customers access this for free right? Nope! And that’s why I started looking for an alternative program (more below).

So What Extra Equipment Is Needed?

kayla itsines bikini body guide equipment

Kayla’s bbg program is advertised as easy workouts to do at home… BUT you’ll still need to buy a bunch of different equipment in order to follow along with it. This includes:

  1. A set of dumbbell weights
  2. Workout steps/benches
  3. Yoga mat
  4. Medicine ball (6-12kgs)
  5. Skipping rope
  6. Bosu ball.

Not to mention the extra space needed to store it all too!

Later on she also recommends a heart rate monitor & her own branded foam roller which will again cost you more $$$. So as you can see, even if you can find a bargain on second hand gear – all of these costs are going to add up very quickly.

Sure, you could just go to the gym and use their equipment…  but wasn’t the whole point of the Bikini Body Guide that you could do it all at home?!


Let’s move on to the H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide. To be clear, in the beginning I did actually buy weeks 1-12 of bbg guide and the nutrition guide as well.

After a few weeks of following it, I noticed that I was hungry all the time and often lacking energy to complete the workouts. This is not something you want if you need if you want to be able to stick your plan! So I spent hours sifting through reviews to see if anyone experienced similar things. And yep, I can confirm that this was the case for many other girls.

To sum it up:

  • She promotes a very low calorie diet which is actually really bad for you if you want to get toned!
  • People had terrible cravings because they weren’t eating enough calories or filling foods.
  • The shopping list for meal plans gets very expensive!

And to top it off.. this nutrition guide should really be included for free anyway!

Is The BBG Worth The Money?

Hell no! You can call me cheap if you like (but just remember that this is my bikini body review, and therefore my opinion).

Unfortunately it was already too late for me. I had fallen for the marketing and purchased parts of the guide, but there’s no way I’m paying more to continue it! All I can do now is let my experience serve as a warning. I’ve since moved on from the bbg and found great results with a different guide instead.

However, if you’re really that wrapped up in Kayla Itsines guides and can justify paying that much for digital downloads – maybe you should go ahead and grab them.

The BBG Alternative That Worked For Me!

So don’t get me wrong, I did see some okay results with Kayla’s guides. I just found it super underwhelming for what you get. Just know that there are SO MANY similar guides out there that can give a better bang for your buck.

In fact, after reading my outcry on Instagram, a few of my followers suggested that I checked out Jen Ferruggia’s guide as an alternative.

I share my results later!

bikini body workout ebook photo

I’ve always had a hard time sticking with workout programs and being consistent in the past, but for some reason I enjoyed the workouts by Jen and it really helped me stick it out to the end!

Let’s take a look at how it stacks up against Kayla Itsines BBG.

The Guides Compared:

Type Jen Ferruggia Kayla Itsines
Beginner Level Level 1 Workout $29.99 BBG 1.0 $69.97
Advanced Level Level 2 Workout $27.99 BBG 2.0 $69.97
Nutrition Guide FREE Diet Plan $69.97
App / Videos FREE Ipad view $19.99 / month
Total Cost $57.98 $229.91+

As shown above, you can see that Jen Ferruggia kept her guides much more affordable for everyone. AND she doesn’t charge extra for the nutrition information or access to workout videos! After trying both, I can tell you now that they are very similar programs – the only real difference is the huge price variance. You also don’t need as much gym equipment to do Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts – which is what I like the most!

What’s Included In The Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts?

An Interactive E-book plus FREE Exercise Videos

The eBook is well presented and I personally LOVE being able to watch these videos on my iPad. By doing so I’ve learnt the perfect form needed for each workout and I really think it helped speed up results. I struggled with Kayla’s guide because she did not show the correct way to do them (unless you bought the app too). Please note that doing exercises wrong can cause injury and therefore really set back progress!

Bikini Body Nutrition Guide + Shopping List

So Jen’s Guide wasn’t full of expensive foods. Plus the shopping lists come in really handy when figuring out what you need for the meals. She actually helps make the most out of each shopping trip so that nothing goes to waste. Which is GREAT because before that I always came home with way too much food!

BONUS 21 Day Booty Blast Program

Okay, at first I actually didn’t realize this program was included. Normally these type of things are charged separately so it was a nice surprise to find some bonus workouts for my booty! I tried them out and they really helped me kick-start shaping my butt. I’m lovin’ it so far and so is my partner 😉

Bikini Body Supplement Advice List

This REALLY helps to make sure you don’t waste your money on garbage supplements. There’s literally hundreds of ineffective ones out there but Jen went ahead and researched it all thoroughly for you. Don’t want to use supplements? No worries – it’s not a requirement when using the guides.

A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Not seeing any results? That’s okay because Jen seems to understand that not everyone will like the guide. Refunds are there if you need them. And the whole thing can be downloaded instantly to any of your devices after payment!

My results after 63 days of Jen Ferruggia’s Workouts

UPDATE: I’ve lost 30 pounds!! (14 kg)

So as promised, below are my results after following Jen’s 12 weeks of bikini body workouts! As you can see.. I’ve lost 30lbs! That’s an enormous amount progress for only 2 months of working out!

And just to compare, I’ve added a photo of me before gaining weight in the first place. I may not be as thin, but you can tell that I now have more muscle and tone than ever! And damn do I feel strong!

Tip: You can find more before and after shots on Jen’s website here <<

Also, funny story… I actually didn’t realize how much work I had done until I cleaned out my closet and found my go-to netflix pants. These were ALL I used to feel comfortable in around my boyfriend (lingerie? no thank you!).

But when I put them on for the first time since losing the weight, they looked huge on me! It was pretty insane to see so I just had to come back to this post and add a picture for you ladies!

kayla bikini body guide progress

After showing my boyfriend too, his reaction was:

“Holy **** That is unreal. You lost 30 lbs in 2 months – do you even realize how much weight that is?! Next time you are in a gym, pick up two 15 lb. plates. You carried that on you and then you lost it”

And he’s right. I lost a bunch of weight in such a short time – and I didn’t have to leave the house!

Even after being burned by Kayla, I took a chance and bought Jen’s Guide. I was consistent with the nutrition guide (though it did allow me to have treats!). Did the workouts for 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week.. and I started seeing results—like insane results and it didn’t take hours and hours spent in the gym, and now here I finally am. Living proof that it CAN work.

So If you are stuck in a rut and feeling that the person you see in the mirror is not who you really are, know that you CAN change that and you DO NOT need a gym or equipment or hours and hours of working out. Nor do you need expensive guides and advice from a celebrity such as Kayla Itsines!

“The 3 C’s in life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change.”

And Jen, if you ever read this… thank you SO MUCH for creating an affordable and effective guide. You’ve changed my life and I feel amazing!

Have a question? Leave it below and i’ll do my best to answer you!


9 thoughts on “BBG REVIEW – Why I DO NOT Recommend Kayla Itsines Guide!

  1. Hi Amanda! I love your bbg review. I bought kayla’s guides a while ago and got really put off by her charging so much for the stupid sweat app!! I tried the trial of it since it was free but then she charged me for a full 3 months!! wtf!!

    • I’m glad you liked my BBG review Alexi! But I’m so sorry to hear that her app charged you for the trial! Hopefully you can get a refund for that. She doesn’t allow refunds for the eBooks unfortunately, so like me you’ll just have to keep them. You’d think it would be different for an app though. Let me know what happens 🙂

      • Just saw that you replied!! So kayla’s support was actually a nightmare about the app and wouldn’t give my money back so I ended up having to get the google play store to refund me, ugh!! Anyway to update you I actually purchased the bikini body guide you recommended instead (Jen Ferruggia) and haven’t had a problem with it so far. I’ve done the whole 28 days of booty challenge and DAMN girl it’s really made a difference. Can’t wait to step it up and try the real workouts!!! Thanks!!

  2. Hello Rebecca 🙂 I spent a long time here but I’m really glad that I read the whole post. I knew kaylas guides were pricey but really didn’t expect it to be that bad. Thank you for putting all this information out there! Still thinking about getting the other guide by Jen but wanted to ask if you can print it all out too? My internet connection is terrible at times so I wanted to make the guide into a hard copy book like I’ve see some ladies do with the bbg.


    • Thanks for the comment Cathy! I wouldn’t worry too much about losing internet connection. You can log into the members area and download all the files needed. There is 4 different ones: the workouts guide, the nutrition guide, booty blast program, bikini body shopping list (including a supplement list). I’m sure they’d all look nice printed out and bound into booklets! You can download them again at any time if you lose your files but since you have trouble with the internet, maybe its best to copy them to a USB stick as well. I wish you all the best with it, be sure to come back and tell me all about your experience!


  3. Hey Bec, thought i’d leave a quick comment to thank you for such a thorough post. Definitely staying away from kayla’s stuff now. looks like a rip off to me

    • Aw hey sandy, I remember you from my insta page! I’m glad that you found my review helpful. It does suck that her guides are overpriced. Hopefully you can find something that works for you! Still highly recommend checking out the Bikini body workouts by Jen. See you around!

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